Because we are all one race, the Human Race
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In a world that is increasingly growing more cross-cultural and multicultural on a day-to-day basis, EMBRACE is a youth movement that unifies the human race.  It is a movement that focuses on the oneness of the human race while respecting diversity.  EMBRACE helps youth adjust to and thrive in this growing interdependence.  Through events and curriculum emphasizing the unity of the American Dream that brought us all together as well as the need for racial reconciliation, EMBRACE charts a future course of peace and unity for generations to come.  Instead of racism, EMBRACISM spearheads a new wave of thinking for our youth.  
If you contact us, we will come out and educate your youth on diversity, racial reconciliation, unity and thriving in a multicultural society. Please contact us.
Michael & Jhayne Wessel
EMBRACE Founders & Visionary Leaders
David Lee Kitchen
Youth Initiative Team Leader
Michael & Jhayne have been married for over 5 years.  As an interracial couple, they believe that race is only a distinction created by society for purposes of classification.  Michael & Jhayne believe that GOD has made one race, the Human Race in His image.  They have both experienced the harsh realities of racism and their love for one another truly lies at the heart of EMBRACE the Movement.  

Jhayne Eddy-Wessel, Esq, is the founder and president of The Wealth of Nations Foundation and the visionary behind EMBRACE.  In the year 2000, when Jhayne was an working for the County of Los Angeles as an attorney for youth, the LORD gave Jhayne a vision for a youth movement that unified the human race as one race while respecting cultural diversity.  As an attorney and producer, Jhayne launched the EMBRACE Movement in the largest Juvenile Halls in Los Angeles County then in several schools.  EMBRACE quickly received the support of the local community and businesses.  EMBRACE was awarded by the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors as one of the top 20 program for youth.  EMBRACE Movement continues to spread its fire through the churches and youth culture today.

Michael W. Wessel, is the Chief Financial Officer of The Wealth of Nations Foundation.  As a strong leader in business on wall street and the national mortgage industry for 22 years, Michael oversaw budgets exceeding $25 million per year and mortgage production in excess of $120 million per month. Michael has managed over 900 employees in 5 different call centers nationwide. Michael brings his 22 years of financial experience to strengthen The Wealth of Nations Foundation and to provide excellent fiscal management of WON's contributions. Michael is committed to serving youth both locally and worldwide.  Michael is also a  minister and a member of the Father's Heart Executive Committee of The Wealth of Nations Foundation.  He has reached out to hundreds of youth in the area of substance abuse prevention, youth leadership, teen pregnancy prevention, and spiritual training.  Michael's extensive experience is complemented by a BS degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University.
David Lee Kitchen is a college student and a young youth activist.  David Lee has a vision spread the EMBRACE vision throughout College Campuses.  David Lee is the EMBRACE Youth Initiative Team Leader and his leadership is a key component in organizing EMBRACE youth summits in college campuses in Southern California.  

David Lee has a strong history of youth leadership both in sports and school government.  David Lee now brings his experience with our youth.
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